As TEMSA, we will assist our customers in solving any problems they encounter during their journey, with our roadside assistance service launched simultaneously with our call center service. As TEMSA, within the scope of customer experience understanding, our roadside assistance service will be provided free of charge for all TEMSA Bus new model vehicles for 3 years within limits.

Contact us for all matters via +31 546 543 295

Terms & Conditions

  • TEMSA Bus shall mean any type of bus produced by TEMSA and sold to European countries, United Kingdom and Balkan Countries. The list may be revised, amended, or supplemented by TEMSA unilaterally.

 Mobility Package Bus Conditions

  • TEMSA Bus registered and manufactured before 1st of August 2023 shall be subject to the terms previously agreed and are not subject to below specified terms unless agreed separately.  
  • TEMSA Bus registered and manufactured after 1st of August 2023, Roadside Assistance Service is valid for 3 years starting from the registration date of the bus.  
  • TEMSA shall cover within the limit as specified below:    
    • The cost of the mechanic, service van, driven kilometre, toll and road pricing up to 1000 €, including spare parts change (providing minor parts, to maintain the bus on the road) up to the 50 €. (Per one case)
    • If technical assistance on the spot is not technically available, or not allowed, the towing cost up to 2000 € to the nearest suitable workshop. (One towage per year)
    • If TEMSA Buses can not be repaired in place or towing service is unavailable within 3 hours, transport/ food/ drinks. (Up to the limit 500 € per roadside assistance case)


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