TEMSA Delivered 50 Vehicles to Lithuania

TEMSA, accelerating its growth in Europe, has completed the delivery of 50 units of the MD9 LE model vehicles to UAB Kautra, a leading player in the Lithuanian market and part of the public transportation network in the Kaunas Region. With this delivery, the total number of vehicles delivered by TEMSA to the Lithuanian market has reached 270.

TEMSA, one of the world's leading bus and midibus manufacturers, is strengthening its presence in its priority markets as part of its global growth strategy. Continuing to capture the attention of operators in the region with its successful performance in the USA and Europe in recent years, TEMSA has completed a new delivery of 50 units in Lithuania.

With UAB Kautra, one of the country's most established passenger transportation companies, TEMSA, which emerged successful in the project opened for the public transportation lines of the Kaunas Region, fulfilled its commitments by completing the deliveries that began in June, by August. The 50 units of MD9 LE model vehicles delivered to the region will greatly contribute to the eco-friendly transformation of public transportation activities in the Kaunas region, thanks to their low fuel consumption and high driving comfort.


Hakan Koralp, Chief Sales Officer, emphasized that Lithuania is among their priority markets in Europe. He added, "Our understanding of priority markets is not solely based on the size of the country or the market scale. As a company that shapes its entire future vision around sustainability, we will continue to strengthen our presence in markets that integrate environmental and nature consciousness into their business culture. In this context, we had previously delivered our electric vehicles produced in Adana with our own technology to the Lithuanian market. This time, we will contribute to the transportation needs of the Kaunas region with 50 environmentally friendly diesel vehicles tailored to the region's requirements. Furthermore, with this delivery, the total number of TEMSA-branded vehicles on the roads in Lithuania has reached 270. Through our exports, we are not only solidifying TEMSA's global footprint but also continuing to generate foreign exchange for our country. We are extremely pleased about this."


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