Condolences to our country and our nation

Dear Business Partners,

We are deeply grieving the earthquakes that occurred on February 6, 2023, in Kahramanmaraş and caused
major devastation in 10 provinces in the region.

We have deployed every available resource to support search and rescue efforts as well as provide aid to
earthquake victims since the first hours of the earthquakes, which also significantly damaged Adana, where
TEMSA's headquarters and production facility located.

We place a high priority on healing the wounds left by the disaster, both in Adana and in nearby provinces,
with the help of our employees' voluntary engagement and the tireless labor of our teams.

Therefore, we believe that after the effects of the crisis pass, our production activities, which have been
set back, would pick up again.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and support throughout this time.

We will get through this challenging time we are going through together, in a spirit of solidarity, as a nation
that derives its power from its unity and solidarity.

We pray for patience for those who lost loved ones in the earthquakes and a quick recovery for those who
were injured.

Condolences to our country and our nation.


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