Ümit Sönmez, Product Manager of Avenue Electron, talks about what makes it so special.

Human-centered design is one of the core principles of TEMSA. We wanted to create a vehicle belongs to the city and its people. Therefore, we’ve wanted Electron to look like young and self-confident but also quiet and peaceful. Avenue Electron is responsive to its surroundings. It’s a hundred percent electrical to ensure a better future. For the first time in a bus, we are able to offer one pedal drive to our customers. We simply call it driving pedal. It’s an amazing technology that has the ability to regenerate more power, lower maintenance cost and provide comfort to the driver and the passengers. Regenerated power increased the range up to fifteen percent. Temsa battery management system is used to maximize the battery’s capacity and prevent undercharging or overcharging. It ensures all the cells that compose the battery are kept at the same voltage or stayed off charged through balancing. It guarantees the energy efficiency and extra range in Avenue Electron.


THE NEW HD12 RHD - Reliable Partner for Long Distances
THE MD9 RHD - Ready for Duty
TEMSA Corporate Movie


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