About Us
TEMSA, one of Turkey’s leading automotive companies, manufactures and distributes buses and coaches under its own brand in domestic and international markets. TEMSA’s manufacturing facility in Adana has a single-shift annual production capacity of 4,500 buses and coaches and 6,000 light trucks, totaling 10,500 vehicles per year.

The TEMSA Adana Plant occupies a total area of 510,000 square-meters. TEMSA has a range of products that help customers navigate through changing environment and adapt their fleet to new passengers’ requirements and travel trends. TEMSA manufactures Safir and Maraton and tourist coaches, Prestij and Opalin midi-coaches and Avenue city buses designed specifically for urban public transport systems. The facility is also the manufacturing site for the TS 45, TS 35E and TS 30 coaches for the United States market; the Avenue buses, LD coachesHD, Maraton and the MD 9 and MD 7 midi-coaches for the European market.

TEMSA vehicles, designed and manufactured with in-house know-how, are sold to the world’s leading automotive markets as well as to the Turkish market. Differentiated with its quality, TEMSA has 100 % brand awareness in France and Belgium, and 95 % in Germany.

TEMSA has expanded to 66 countries. In France alone, more than 5.000 TEMSA brand buses and coaches are on the road. Additionally, TEMSA’s other major markets in Europe include Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania and the Benelux countries. Thanks to its expanding product range, TEMSA is also rapidly increasing its market share in the United States. TEMSA sets its strategy to develop the right products that respond to customers’ changing needs, introduce modular approach to the production and deliver a well designed line of buses in the highest quality level. 

TEMSA puts highest emphasis on quality, reliability and longevity of the products. Because of the company’s passion for quality and value, TEMSA ensures that it sources parts from the world’s leading manufacturers, making TEMSA the bus expert that can give the customer far more – for less. Temsa exported 40 % of its total bus and coach production. 94 % of its exports went to Western Europe and the United States, with the remaining 6 % shipped to Eastern Europe and the Turkic Republics. TEMSA owns distributor and dealership networks in 30 countries. These numbers reflect TEMSA’s strong position in the global market, as well as its effective marketing strategy and organization.
Smart Mobility
Thanks to the smart technologies, life has reached to an incredible point. Having the years of experience, we also bring the smart technology to travels, and continue down the road with the Smart Motility motto.

Now the smart technologies make difference and these technologies offer economic solutions for life. For example, local administrations make difference in their services by means of smart mass transportation solutions and make it economic. These travels are one of the leading factors that add values to the services of municipality. However, perfect combination of vehicle parts with technology is accompanied by the optimum operating cost. Smart technologies ensure safer and more comfortable travels for drivers and passengers.

Therefore, we are on the way of future with our new smart models and new technologies.


Our aim is to manufacture high quality products that our customers can safely use without harming people and the environment.

Anyone who is in our facility or affected by our activities and who works for TEMSA is responsible for the correct implementation of the EHS - E

The health, safety and security of everyone in our factory and the environment is crucial to the success of our business.

In our activities, we use new technologies that are environmentally friendly and risk-free. We will continue to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and human health by reducing waste, emissions, discharges and using energy efficiently through our recycling and recuperation approach.

We will :

• Systematically manage our operational activities on a continuous basis to minimize risks and improve our performance.

• Comply with all effective legal requirements, company policy and implementation methods.

• Continuously improve our performance at the highest level.

• Appreciate the contributors to the development of our EHS - E performance.

• Ensure that all our employees are delivered to their families in a healthy manner by providing a safe working environment.

• Continuously improve our performance by improving the leadership, capacity and capabilities of our organization.

• Prepare the EHS – E business plans which have measurable goals and we will focus on solutions.

We are all committed to achieving these objectives.