Setting out to become the world's leading mobility company, TEMSA closely follows the ever-increasing expectations of regulatory authorities, global trends, new approaches and developments in compliance.


TEMSA Compliance Management ensures that the company and its subsidiaries work in compliance with local and international legislation, internal policies and procedures, and the Code of Business Ethics. Responsible for identifying and monitoring compliance risks regarding relevant legal and internal regulations and taking reformatory measures.

TEMSA Compliance Management aims to adapt rapidly developing needs to the company with a risk-based approach and to ensure 100% compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. In order to create a culture of compliance in the company, it supports all employees to conduct their professional activities ethically and to prevent possible violations. In this context, it guides employees by organizing trainings in order to raise awareness about compliance problems and risks and to maintain this awareness.

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Compliance is defined as the conduct of the company and its employees in accordance with the law, corporate procedures and Code of Business Ethics. As TEMSA, our principle is to act with the culture and awareness of Ethics and Compliance in our relations with our stakeholders and in all our activities.

With our Code of Conduct and Compliance Program we have prepared in this direction, it is possible to act with integrity in all our commercial relations, to adopt fair competition in the market, to secure personal data, to protect and respect intellectual property rights, to act with ecological and social responsibility, to observe trade controls that regulate our global business, We take it seriously to protect equality, do our job right, act with justice and respect, and we plan our business processes meticulously on this axis.

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The TEMSA Code of Conduct defines the compliance and ethical rules that all employees of TEMSA and its subsidiaries must comply with, the rights of employees in this regard, and the company's compliance criteria. These criteria also include our stakeholders, and these people are expected to act in accordance with the TEMSA Code of Conduct in their business and transactions. Compliance Policy and procedures have been prepared under the umbrella of these rules, and instructions and forms have been created for each procedure in order to ensure the integration of the procedures into the work flows.

The said documents have been submitted to the shareholders of our company, Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. and PPF Group (Skoda Transportation) Compliance Rules and has been created in accordance with the relevant legislation.

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Unless TEMSA is required to notify the whistleblower/person(s) of the whistleblower/notifier as mandatory by the legal authorities, the identity of the whistleblower/notifier will be protected by TEMSA during and after the investigation process.

All reporters will be able to report to TEMSA without revealing their identity in any way, and will not be subjected to any retaliation, bad behavior or discrimination due to their reporting. Disciplinary process, including termination of employment and/or employment contracts, will be carried out against all parties found to have taken a stand or retaliated against the reporter.

To Report to the Ethics Hotline


Online Form:

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The Ethics Hotline can be reached 24/7 from anywhere in the world via parties who make a complaint have the option to provide their contact information or remain anonymous on the ethical whistleblowing hotline, which is accessible in three different languages. Anyone who fills out our online form at the relevant link can submit their questions or share their concerns.

TEMSA employees can also apply to their respective managers, Risk and Compliance Management or TEMSA Ethics Committee.

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TEMSA encourages all employees and stakeholders who interact with it to share their compliance or ethical concerns. If you have any concerns about the behavior of any TEMSA employee, authorized dealer and service, supplier or representative, we welcome you to report it.

TEMSA has created the Ethics Hotline platform for everyone to ask questions or raise concerns. All transactions on this line are carried out in accordance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive and are handled by an independent third party company, Sanction Trace.

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